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July 2021

Uh oh, I am afraid that the whole Covid recovery scene has changed, so that by the end of this month numbers of new cases and deaths in “hot-spots” around the U.S show significant increases. Most of the new cases are people who have not gotten the Covid vaccine. In order to beat any virus there must be a significant majority of vaccinated people. Things are getting worse for the unvaccinated with employers, the Federal and State Governements, cruise lines, and others tightening the rules if you aren’t vaccinated. Masks are now back even for the vaccinated. If there is anyone reading this that hasn’t gotten vaccinated that doesn’t have a bona fide medical/religious reason for not getting it —STOP READING AND GO GET VACCINATED! NO MORE EXCUSES! WE DON’T WANT TO BE IN THIS TOGETHER ANYMORE. WE DON’T WANT TO BE IN IT AT ALL, ESPECIALLY WITH UNVACCINATED PEOPLE!

June 2021

IT ALMOST FEELS NORMAL!? Wow, this is the first month that feels like

we are coming back from the depths of the pandemic — things are opening, travel is booming, and ANITA AND I ARE HITTING THE ROAD for our first road trip in 18 months. We will be heading to North Carolina for some time outside Asheville, in the Great Smokey Mountains. From there to Anita’s Stanley Family gathering in West Virginia, then to my sister, Gail in Leesburg, Virginia. But wait — there is more! Its on to Maryland to see Grandkids Max (16) and Maya, and so many family members and friends we haven’t seen for much too long. Every month is special and June has birthdays for Grandson Brandon (turning 22!) and Maya (turning 18!) and Maya’s graduation from high school. Being able to travel this month feels like a new fresh start out of the restrictions we have all faced during the pandemic. We are blessed!

May 2021

LETS ALL TRY TO PUT POLITICS ASIDE AND FACE UP TO THE FACT THAT WE SHOULD GET THE COVID VACCINE. Unless there is a medical reason not to get vaccinated – WE NEED YOU TO DO IT! There is no way this virus (and its mutations) are going to go away, and NO WAY WE GET BACK TO “NORMAL” unless the vast majority of Americans get the vaccine shot(s). Some of you may remember the Salk Vaccine, and the volunteer effort to vaccinate every first and second grade child in the country back in 1953/54. There were no computers, and TV was just beginning, and yet with paper and pen records it was a success all across the country. There was fear of the vaccine, but there was also a greater fear of that dreaded disease and what it did primarily to the most at risk group — young children. If you have a chance to talk to someone who is not too ke on getting the vaccine – talk to them, calmly and tell them h high the stakes are for our Country and the world to get ba to normal.