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Life is Better Laughing

July 2021

Well, it looks like we are going to need a whole lot more laughs going forward. Covid is mutating and the fear now is that the Delta variant is a super contagious virus. Some thoughts on trying to look at the brighter side of things — stay off crazy social media, don’t watch cable news that gets you riled up-especially at bedtime. If you are in the mood – try to find some of my old favorite comedians — Bob Newhart, Robin Williams and so many more. Listen to them, or better yet find them on TV, U-Tube, or one of your streaming sources. If you like George Carlin you will note that many of his routines are very similar to the problems and controversies we face today. Remember: For the most part we have been through most of theses challenges before.

June 2021

It is amazing how each person perceives things differently. All of us react to things in our own way. One person’s joke is taken as offensive as seen by another. Especially with our own relatives and friends, we have learned “just not to go there” especially with political views and jokes. It feels like things have calmed down a little – the vaccine and decline of covid 19 has helped. But who knows what the future holds for our communication skills; But we can agree: WE ALL NEED TO LAUGH! Even in my book of Pandemic Poetry, I was surprised that so many people reported a different poem as their “best poem”. My favorite was “My Wife’s a Barber!” because having my wife, Anita, cut my hair for a year was a fun experience and I loved getting it into a poem. What is your favorite? Let me know. Maybe I will keep tabs, and do a poll to see which one ends up as #1 at the end of the year — that might be fun. You can let me know by clicking the Contact button at the top of the website. I know one thing is certain: It is very doubtful we will all agree — but that’s ok, its part of being human, and ability to think for ourselves.

May 2021

Some may remember Comedian Red Skelton. He was funny in a new type of slapstick comedy during the early days of television – a guy we could all love — and I used one of his quotes in my book: “NO MATTER WHT YOUR HEARTACHE MAY BE LAUGHING HELPS YOU FORGET IT FOR A FEW SECONDS.” That’s why I wrote humorous poems in the depths of our 2020 Covid Pandemic. Think of something funny each day? once a week? let me hear from you about it, and let’s share it with others.


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